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You can remove skin tags yourself if they are not too large, skin tags happen quite frequently the older you get, small pieces of skin that seemed to grow outward instead of in a flat area like a mole. There is a cell stalk that goes with these skin tags, and then the skin tag grows up an out of the skin rather than having the cells flat like a mole or a freckle. Also, most of the time, these are not considered cancerous, but instead, are considered elective procedures as far as having your doctor remove them.


The pigmented of skin tags can also vary, but because they're benign, noncancerous, they are usually not covered by your health insurance. This means it can be expensive to remove your skin tags, and there are several methods you can use your self.

If your skin tags are not too large, in other words, tiny little pieces of skin that is growing outward, there's a good chance you can use toenail clippers are fingernail clippers to remove them. You may or may not want to do this, it can be painful, but usually doesn't hurt much more than plucking your eyebrows. Make sure you sterilize the fingernail or toenail clippers first, and then reach clear down to the base of the cell stalk. In this way, you're taking out those mutated cells that cause the skin to grow out instead of flat. You may have a minimal bleeding, if you think that this is going to bleed much, see your physician before you remove them. Just discuss it with them, tell me like to remove them your self, and get their opinion.

Also take a look on the Internet, you'll find several different herbal preparations as well as chemical preparations they can allow you to remove your skin tags yourself. Again, remember that these are active cells in your body, and if you're not careful inspection can result. Also, some of these herbal preparations or chemical preparations can be very irritating to the surrounding skin. So careful application to only the cell stalk and tag instead of the surrounding area is going to be needed.

You can remove skin tags yourself, especially if you can catch them when they're tiny. A little clip with a pair of scissors, toenail clippers, or fingernail clippers can easily and quickly remove them. It is a tiny bit painful, but your choices are to pay for a preparation, or to pay your doctor. For larger skin tags, see your doctor before removing them, and then choose an elective or covered healthcare procedure to get those that are large, possibly golf ball sized removed properly, otherwise, you can have some real problems.

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