Removing Skin Tags

Removing skin tags is not difficult, but should be overseen by your doctor if they are more than a centimeter, and some of them can grow quite large, even to golf ball size.

Skin tags are small pieces of skin that instead of growing flat like a mole or a freckle, grow out of the skin. The researchers and clinicians are not sure exactly what causes them but they do see them in older individuals and those who are possibly obese or have diabetes. In fact, middle age can start the process, and they can become quite numerous resulting in skin tags in the eyelids, under arms, in the groin area, backs of the knees, and other areas where folds of skin are evident. They can be uncomfortable and unsightly, but are not usually cancerous and are considered benign.


In order to remove skin tags, you probably should discuss them with your doctor. There are many ways that you can remove them yourself. Usually considered an elective surgery because they are noncancerous and many health plans do not cover and tag removal. This means you're going to have to pay for them your self, and if you can catch them when they're small, there's a good chance you can remove them yourself and save the money. Just make sure you do discuss it with your doctor first, some of them can be rather large, very painful, and can bleed quite profusely. Also, you want a good procedure that does not introduce bacteria into the skin causing an infection.

Once you have discussed it with your doctor, you may try using a pair of scissors, fingernail clippers, or toenail clippers. Make sure they're sterilized first, and then clip the skin tag off at the very base. In this way you're removing the cells that are causing the skin cells to grow outward. Also, it can be a bit painful, but as long as they're small, it doesn't hurt much more than plucking your eyebrows. Remember, anything that is going to bleed profusely, or is larger than a centimeter wide needs to be overseen by your doctor.

You can also look for those herbal or natural remedies to remove your skin tags. Usually they're going contain skin irritating ingredients. Careful application of these preparations needs to be done, otherwise, there's a chance of infection and it can be very painful. Tests the preparation on an area on your skin that is not in a fold where it can spread easily. Make sure that you're not allergic, that it is not too caustic for you personally, and that you can control any infection.

For those that are larger, your doctor may use different methods of removing skin tags including freezing, cauterizing, or even possibly cutting them off. It's up to you and the size of the skin tag as to whether you use anesthetic or not.

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